About Us

Beauty in Life is an organization founded by Abby Woodhouse in 2010. It started off as a mere dream, a desire to find a community of people that could come together and celebrate the beauty in everyday life. The idea turned into a blog, which turned into a business. The BiL community is comprised of thousands among thousands of members. Together, we have raised over a thousand dollars for To Write Love on Her Arms and The National Eating Disorder Association through selling bracelets that read, “I am enough.” While the bracelet shop has closed for the moment while all of our contributors are busy at college, Beauty in Life remains as an active organization that posts daily and responds to many emails and messages every day, helping those who reach out to us.

Abigail Woodhouse

Founder, Contributor

Hello everyone! I’m Abby. I created this blog to spread the message that I live by: everyone is beautiful. There is so much pressure and negativity out there in the world today, and we all need to work together to overcome it. I don’t care about your gender, race, sexuality, size, etc. All that matters is that you are a good person.

Emma Gonsalves

Hi everybody! I’m Emma. I am a 20 year old college student who tries to see the beauty in life every single day. As human beings, we are always second guessing ourselves and asking ourselves, “What is my worth? Yet, we must remember that worthiness is a right. The whole point of being alive is to eventually evolve into a person you were intended to be- YOU. Use this blog as a tool to help you not only see beauty in ourselves, but the wonderful world around you.

Lauren Cliffin

Hi all! I’m Lauren and it seems that I am beautyinlife’s Canadian contributor! I’m from a small town in Ontario and have lived in Canada my entire life (and no, we don’t live in igloos or use dog sleds as transportation, haha!). I have personally struggled with anxiety since I was six years old and depression on and off for years. My loves, I know what it feels like. I know how isolating and lonely it can be. I won’t let you feel that way anymore. Let’s work together to see the beauty in life, even through the darkest of times. All my love.

Darby Drake

I’m Darby, I have lived in Simsbury my whole life with my brother, half sister and an assortment of crazy, yet fun pets. I can be really outdoorsy, artsy-fartsy, or nerdy, all depending on the day, but I always love being surrounded by my friends and family. Recently, I have found a passion working for a non-profit called Grassroot Soccer that combines 3 things I want to pursue in life: soccer, medicine and youth development. I have found it rewarding to contribute to Beauty in Life because it pushes me outside my comfort zone to address issues I may not feel comfortable talking about otherwise.

Christi DiSimone

I love being me. I am not afraid of what other people think of me, I just enjoy being myself. I think it is so important to live life the way it is meant to be lived: with confidence and love. Be confident and love who you are and others around you. My favorite things to do are… being with my friends… and family and I love fashion. Personality is so much better than being hot or sexy. In fact, knowing who you are and feeling comfortable in your shoes is the sexiest thing of all. Just be you.

Abby Huth


I’m Abby! I have grown up in Connecticut with my crazy family of 6. As a teenager living in an imaged based society, I always felt pressured to be “perfect”; but I have learned that being my own person is always “perfect”. I joined Abigail’s team a while back, when we were just sticking “you are beautiful” notes around our school, even then empowering people each day. I love to dance, play with my pup Chillie, give hugs, and hangout with friends. Thank you all for supporting us and remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! x 

Maggie Hark

Hey! I’m Maggie born in New York but have grown up in Simsbury, CT. I started off as a summer intern at Beauty in Life and am glad to be back as a contributor. I try not to define who I am only because there are so many things that make me who I am. I’m an artist, a student, the girl next door, a working girl, a beach bum, and sometimes an athlete. Beauty in Life has impacted me greatly because not only does it allow us to see the beauty and power in ourselves, it allows us to support and help others see the beauty and power in themselves.

Atesha Gifford


I’m may be little but I’m a force to reckon with. From Florida originally but now I live in Connecticut attending Westminster. I love to dance and music is my everything. This blog means a lot to me and I know it means the same to many others!