My negative experienced.

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Hi! sooo i just saw your blog and i just thought that i should share of my negative experience because i think it is healthy to talk about it. soooo this is my story when i was in grade school i was very popular because i am a voleyball player salutatorian, awarded as the style leader and the beauty charmer and a lot of guys are like into me. and im not bragging. so let’s continue… uhhhmm. and i was so confident back then and whenever or wherever we have a program i’m the leader because they find me as they’re inspiration and they find me confident. and then when i was in freshmen year i felt the same way but this negative issues start when i was sophomore and you know that feeling when someone poked *you and they will just say that “You’re ugly you shouldn’t be here” all my batchmates are like calling me ugly. i am not joking. that is true. all of them. even the boys are calling me ugly. and that made  my confidence dropped on the floor. so im a loner back then. i have no friends like literally. because all of them dont like me. and not even one person tried to befriend with me. and because of that i walk with my face faced on the floor and  i rarely looked at people. and that day i started to please everyone. so im insecure with myself and i want to be like other people. and when *I always see beautiful girls i felt like why is it so unfair. i cry everynight thinking that im not pretty im not gonna have a friend because im not popular AND IM NOT PRETTY, im not gonna have a boyfriend. SO I’M FINDING  someone WHO will tell that i’m beautiful BECAUSE  it is really hard that i dont HAVE friends, i cant find someone to lean on but God, because i know that he will never say that im ugly and he will never say that im not worth it. so yeahh now i’m a senior and i dont have friends. i tried wearing a lot of make up so that they find me beautiful but they all laugh at me and they’re sayin that what did you do to yourself you look like a clown. honestly im not good at make up. and im like shy to be infront of many people because when i practiced my speech on the stage uhmmm some of my batchmates throw papers on me they’re saying that “go away, you’re making the view ugly” so yeaaahh. i need someone to know this stuff about me so that i can read or feel a lot of enrichment, enlightenment and i want to have other friends. so yeaah. my family did not know anything about this and because of my shyness they call me idiot, dumb. and that make me feel even worst because i felt like i can’t do anything so guys please help mee. i cant do this by myself. thank you.

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  • Posted: 29 May 2012