This One Time at Band Camp…

So I just got back from music camp. We spent a lovely week in the good ‘ole outdoors: camping in tents, drinking bug juice, and spending our rec periods by the gorgeous lake.

Despite endless amounts of spiders and that constant feeling that I have dirt on myself, I look forward to this week every year because its one of the only places where I can feel totally myself. No one cares how much you love Star Wars or the weird celebrity impressions you can make because it doesn’t matter how much of a dork you are. We are all there for one common purpose: to make music.

Each year after I come home from music camp, I feel empowered.  I feel like no matter where I go I can be myself because those musicians have shown me that my quirks are important and make me who I am. I am reminded that it doesn’t matter how other people think of us but it is how we choose to think of ourselves. What we do and what we contribute to this world matters.

The number one lesson I always take away from music camp is that I am great and powerful just the way I am and there is nothing that should change that.

Embrace your quirks and dorky ways, its what makes you who you are.

<3 Maggie

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  • Posted: 02 July 2012