Sunday I went to Vinyasa yoga. Entering class, the muscular, handsome, and slightly tattooed teacher told the class to start off in child’s pose: focusing on the breath. Early on a Sunday morning, no better way to start my day. It didnt take long for my body to heat up and for my heart to pick up its pace. Warm and relaxed, my head was in a good place. As I measured my hands shoulder width apart, I stretched my hips up to the sky and pushed my heels down into the ground: downward dog. The sound of the instructors voice was casual, calm, and refreshing. With each pose, my mat held puddles of my bodies perspiration. Closing my eyes, I released my ego. Doing poses because my body was telling me to, not because the man next to me was, I completed the sequence of poses independently and at my own pace. Our mind is the only thing that keeps us stable; our mind has complete control over our bodies. In order to stay strong, the mind must stay focused, positive and cannot let go. Women and men of all shapes were taking their shirts of and owning the sweat that was accumulating on the surface of their skin. Everyone in the room seemed confident, regardless of what they looked like to the other people in the room. I admired the girl in the front right of the room whose blonde dreads were tied back in a thick hair band; she seemed like she had done this class many times before. I was the last to leave when the hour was up. We were laying on our backs: relaxing and focusing on our breathing: one by one, each person trickled away. I felt  isolated in the middle of room. I laid on my back and allowed myself to absorb the positivity in the room while entering meditation. The instructor reentered the room, knelt down, and held each of my limbs, slightly massaging the muscles within them. He helped me relax and melt even farther into the floor. Once I was ready to leave, I got up and rolled up my mat. On my walk back to Grants apartment, I was intrigued and mystified by the  graffiti that hugged the streets and walls of Williamsburg. My brother tore off one of these tickets from the street post and handed it to me, I ran back and took a picture of the torn page, it seemed to perfectly capture my day. Confidence, independence, and strength.

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