From Down Under

G’day Mates!

So, I just started my first week of college…ever. If that weren’t scary enough, I got to start it in a completely different country, Australia. I like to consider myself rather adventurous but having to face all the challenges of the first week of college on top of being halfway across the world from my comfort zone was quite daunting. 

The one thing that kept crossing my mind each week was how people would perceive me. Would they find it annoying the way I sometimes can fall of the topic of conversation? Or judge me based on the way I dressed? All those first day of school worries popped into my head. 

As the week went on, however, I realized that none of my worries were that big of a deal. I made my own friends and have already begun to dig my own nitch into the lovely Swinburne University community. 

Although the first day of school for you might be a month or so away, I challenge you to find your own way and embrace the people and experiences that come into your life. The new people you meet should like you for you and not because of what you look like or what you are wearing. 



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  • Posted: 06 August 2012