World Suicide Prevention Day


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and during September 9 – 15, TWLOHA is participating in National Suicide Prevention Week. We asked you to join us by answering some key questions in our NSPW survey. These are questions we believe can guide the conversation about suicide and depression—not only this week, but year-round. For each day of NSPW, we’ll be sharing a new question and some of the responses we’ve received.

Global suicide rates have increased by 60 percent in the last 45 years—but those numbers can change. So, tell us…


“It’s important to me for many reasons; because I believe every life matters, because I have empathy for anyone who feels suicide is the only solution, and because I believe in futures.”

“Suicide prevention is important to me because as a college student, I know that my fellow students are greatly at risk for depression and thoughts of suicide. I would be devastated to lose a single person.”

“My daughter died by suicide, and I would like to help save other families from this heartbreak.” – Elaine, 61

“It’s not only about preventing suicide, but also helping with depression and self-harm. The best way to prevent suicide is to treat the things that cause it.”

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