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Hello I just want to share my story. I grew up seeing my step dad beating up my mom, hearing those painful words that my step dad throwing up my mom. But you know what I never thought to be a rebel child I was just thinking my mom is sacrificing a lot for me so why would I mess it all up, I got hurt every time of course but all I will do is just open up my microsoft word and type there what I really feel cause I don’t have friends that I can tell them what’s happening during those time. And now I’m just living with mom for 3 yrs now cause my step dad filed us cases so to be able to fight for our right we need to borrow big money (FYI those criminal cases was dismiss, but we’re still under going some cases bcoz of their conjugal something) so up to now we’re still wasting money for those and we have a big financial problem, it’s hard, it’s really stressful coz at the beginning of the problem I need to stop from going to school so I’m just gonna go out to attend our trial.  Imagine 7-8 trials per month. I will not be hypocrite, there were times that I just want to die so it will be over but seeing my mom being strong for me so I should be as well. I’m not skinny I weigh 130+ pounds but it’s okay with me (yes I need to be healthy I had my sugar test it’s normal thank god, I’m not hypertensive as well) cause I’m enjoying my life, I’m not living my life to please some people, it’s just I know how to love myself, appreciate what I can do try to conquer my fears. and I know I’m unique form others. People need to learn that they should know how to be happy with themselves, cause it’s a choice. And now a days people having depression are lucky cause they can get help now like this blog. So cheers for you guys! thank you for helping and reaching out for those people whose having hard time with their lives (including me) keep it up!

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i just wanted to let you know that your blog put me to tears. i cant explain why because i myself don’t know. but one things for sure, they weren’t sad tears. i think i came to the realization that im not perfect. so i need to stop trying to be a size im never going to be. i need to accpet the fact that i have hips and thighs and butt. and you know what i love that but sometimes i look at myself in the mirror and think that i could look better i could be that shape and that size but i cant. i have my insecurities and my doubts but i also think that everyone is beautiful. i can never starve myself to look like a model because lets be honest i love food way too much. sometimes im completely confident in the way i look but sometimes i just look in the mirror and pick out my flaws and tell myself im ugly. and right now i wish so bad to be skinny. that maybe if im skinny ill be happier but i dont know what to think anymore. im tired of thinking and tired of trying.

In which Abby confesses her love for Ed Sheeran and serenades the followers of Beauty in Life sans makeup.

One of our contributors, Emma, is having a rough day so I decided to make a first take, one take cover of “Skyscraper” by Demi Lovato to cheer her up. I love you, Emma! Stay strong, kick ass.

Also, please ignore the weird buzzing noise that happens when I play the G9 chord. One of my strings needs to be tightened!

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So right now I’m on vacation with my family. It’s a blast being with my brother and cousins all under one roof, going to the beach, and laughing our butts off every five seconds.

While this is all great, let me just mention that I am neither preppy nor athletic. My brother, along with ALL of my cousins, are BOTH preppy and athletic. While this doesn’t bother them, I tend to be very self-conscious about it.

Today, my family decided to try watersports. I had an option between kayaking and paddle-boarding. Immediately, I chose kayaking. It was something I had done before and didn’t require a ton of athletic experience. I was comfortable with it. If I chose paddle-boarding, I would most likely fall and embarrass myself. Not to mention, I’d be standing in my bathing suit, totally exposed to everyone around me. That’s not exactly my idea of fun.

But while we were renting the equipment, I had a realization. I can’t live in fear of a new experience just because I’m not a soccer superstar and don’t have great coordination. I need to face every challenge head-on and kick butt, like I’m meant to.

That being said, I went out and kicked some serious ass. It took me a few minutes to find enough balance to stand up, but I did it. And you know what? It was SO MUCH FUN. I would have never been able to do that if I had hid in fear.

Take this as a lesson. Do one thing that scares you everyday. I’m pretty sure that’s a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s such a good idea. If you don’t try new things, you’ll never be able to get out of your comfort zone.

Have a great evening. Love you all.
xx Abby W. 

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After many recommendations made to me by friends, followers of Beauty in Life, and other people I run into every day, I finally watched the movie Cyberbully that came out in 2011, featuring Emily Osment and Kay Panabaker. While the movie, at times, seemed a bit overly dramatic and some of the acting tended to be a bit unnatural, the movie in general was completely moving. It follows a girl in high school who is brutally bullied online.

As someone who has been a victim of cyberbullying, I can honestly say that seeing it get so much press is relieving. The fact that it is becoming something that states have regulated laws about, etc. is incredible.

If you or someone you know is being cyberbullied, don’t be a bystander. Do something. Talk to a parent or a different trusted adult, or send us a message. We’ll do our best to help send you in the right direction.

Stay strong.
xx Abby W.